Start-ups continue to drive corporates wild with interest. The reason is simple: a new company class called start-ups are growing like crazy with incredible valuations whilst traditional commercial enterprise, be it telcos, automotive or banks look on with bulging green eyes. Ubers, Teslas and Netflixs have made their traditional corporate competitors very envious…(Read More)

After a few months of craziness we are ready to select the new batch that will be joining us for another round of acceleration. That´s why if you are a startup looking for funding and focused in IoT, Big Data or Mobile Networks, you should definitely apply on the 11th of April for our…(Read More)

Only a week after DemoDay we had the opportunity to travel on the city where our mother company resides: Telefónica. Divided in different sectors like IoT or Big Data, startups from Madrid, Barcelona and Munich were able to have personal sessions with the different areas from Telefónica…(Read More)

Not only over 200 people came to our home,but over 35 were top investors and a mix of Telefónica executives,press and interested people in the 18 startups that pitched that day…(Read More)