The Telefónica Talks (TEF Talks) were re-launched in the 2016 summer in Germany as a collaboration between Wayra Munich and Telefónica Germany's HR team.

Inspiring talks by Telefónica digital rock stars and external speakers about hot topics like: the startup mindset, mobile advertising with data, entering into the ADA and IoT business, storytelling, agile working, thinking out of the box, etc.
After the talk there is always time to network with pizza and beer.

#1 The Startup Mindset

We talked about how reality doesn’t always meet the expectations or the dreams; about the importance of having a vision and determination; about the role that humility plays in leading and funding a company; about agility and how done is better than perfect; about being brave; about having a team that will have your back and about health and humor as success factors for a start-up.

#2 Making Mobile Advertising better with Data

How mobile advertising needs a revolution, not an evolution; about how there are tons of data available but advertising is still not a pleasant experience (people pay not to have it!); about how targeting can create relevance for consumers; about what's happening around personal data in the EU and how this affects mobile advertising; and about a better way (a revolution) to do mobile advertising. 

#3 Data is the New Black

Why data is not the new oil but the new soil; how we in Telefónica Next use Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) to build solutions for today's problems; about using ADA to optimize the city traffic and to reduce the number of cars and the pollutions in a city and finally about anonymization and data protection. We talked about our last three pilots with the cities of Stuttgart, Nürnberg and Hamburg.
#4 Jazz@work

We talked about the lessons that we can learn from jazz to help us be more successfull in our jobs: successful improvisation, innovation in real time, agile team work and new leadership styles. We listened to jazz and the attendees had the chance to compose the final jazz piece that the band played to close the event.

For every Talk we invite the Telefónica Germany’s millennials (millennials by age and millennials by spirit) and encourage them to bring friends and colleagues from outside the company. The TEF Talks are evening events to foster new connections, to exchange new ideas and to expand the perspective on the day-to-day. After the Talk there is always time for drinks and networking.