We scale startups

We are the world’s most global, connected and technological open innovation hub.

Wayra connects Telefónica and technological disruptors around the world.

Wayra operates in 10 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. This global presence allows us to be the most global, connected and technological open innovation hub in the world. Our mission is to connect innovators with Telefónica to generate joint business opportunities. We are the interface between Telefónica and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe.



Revenue from the projects with the startups and TEF since 2018


stake growth in 4 startups in 2018

Driving innovation with +35 startups in our portfolio

Dr. Michael Faath
CEO Contact

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Fernando Martín

We focus on winning you Telefónica as your client.

Telefónica as a client

We give you the chance to win Telefeónica as your first big client to boost your business while getting access to a 350 million large customer base.

Venture development

We offer you a flexible development catalogue depending on your needs. Together with you, we define the promising criteria that have to be tackled in order to scale your business.

Paid Project

That means: 25k, 100 days and a joint pilot together with Telefonica. The goal: launch your joint project afterwards and getting your startup prepared for the next big investment.

Venture capital

Pushing ideas that have the riskiness and ambition to questioning the current state of the art to create a real impact is our mission. Therefore, we are into a potential follow-up investment, if you are such a impact maker.


Centered in the heart of Munich we love to offer you a great work space, with the chance to unlimited yourself. Grab a coffee or have lunch with like-minded people, make use of the different workshops our family members are offering to improve your working strategies or just meet the ecosystem for a meetup around the corner.

Global Network

We are many. We are worldwide. Therefore, you will get access to our global launching platform of opportunities. based in 10 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Community and Events

We are the meeting point where the Munich ecosystem mingles & jingles. With many events and a highly collaborative & innovative community on-site & remote, we love to add value to the whole startup family

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October 30, 2018

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