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We are a global team of tech lovers and startups enthusiasts always looking for new opportunities for our customers, teams and our business. We seek and find ideas that have the riskiness and ambition of a shifting digital world and turn them into proven technologies that create a real impact.

Wayra supports your startup with the right tools to break through the growth ceiling and executes to get things done.

Giving you access to over 350M clients landing your technology into one of the top telcos in the world.

Therefore we leave the ephemeral promises behind and we put the spot on your business. Because it’s you who will transform the game, it’s you who will enhance people’s future lives.

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Christian Lindener


Katrin Bacic

Head of Business Development

Laida García

Investment Manager

Nils Seipel

Venture Development Manager

Espe Almagro

Marketing Manager

Laura Pfromm

Community Manager

Nora Alfen


Silke Grimhardt

Business Dev. & Comms

Gavin Booth

Growth Hacker

René Bohne

Startup Program Berlin

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