Wayra FAQ

What is Wayra’s relationship with Telefónica?

Wayra is the fast track into Telefónica. As their open innovation initiative, we are supporting and investing in startups developing products useful for one of the leading telco operators in the world. We ignite your business providing you with the opportunity to win Telefónica as a client and to unlock the access to more than 350 million customers.

What are the benefits of being accelerated by Wayra?

The Venture Development Program consists of:

What does Wayra get in return?

Telefónica will have the option of investing in your next funding round with a discount between 10 - 20% on your valuation. The discount will be negotiated based on the increase in valuation during your time in the program.

How long does the program last?

Our program spans three months. We believe within that time frame you can win Telefónica as your client and launch your joint project.

Are we too early stage for the program?

We are looking for startups ready to implement their solutions within Telefónica. If your company’s offer goes beyond a minimum viable product, we are thrilled to explore use cases with our parent group. Nevertheless, if you have a valid use case for Telefónica, we will be happy to dig into it.

What are the privileges of Residents and Wayra Alumni?

What are the open office hours?

With the exception of events, Wayra is an office space and home to our community. Therefore, the access to our space is restricted to our teams and residents who can enter 24/7. If you want to meet us, please get in touch with us via email: de@wayra.org

When is the application deadline?

We accept applications on a rolling basis.

How large of a team can you accommodate?

Ideal team size is 2 - 5 members.

Are we a good fit for the program?

If you received a personal invitation from Wayra, then YES. Moreover, if you operate in an area that can contribute to Wayra and Telefónica, please do submit an application.

Is attendance mandatory?

We do ask for full participation in the program and the team’s physical presence in Germany throughout the duration of the program.
In case you can deliver the joint project with Telefónica in another way, we are open for discussion. Having other responsibilities and places to be outside of Wayra is a very common occurrence and can be balanced with the program.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Can we set up a call to learn more?

We prefer email correspondence when it comes to questions about the program. As you could imagine, calls with potential startups require more time than is available in the preliminary stages. Promising applicants will be interviewed at the appropriate time. Contact us at de@wayra.org

Are there any success stories from previous teams that have benefited from business development and partnership with Telefonica?

Telefónica’s Accelerator program was founded in April 2011 and started its presence in Colombia’s capital Bogotá. Wayra aims at accelerating the growth of innovative and technological businesses all over the world. Wayra Deutschland has proven its positive influence on startups several times in the past. Only one year after its foundation, the delivery service and Wayra alumni Foodora was taken over by Rocket Internet. In 2017, the Wayra startup Neokami, developing solutions for artificial intelligence, was acquired by Relayr. Another successful Wayra startup is NFWare, the developer of virtualized networking software, that raised $2M from investors led by Sistema VC. Startups from all over the world can apply for the program in ten countries. In Europe, Wayra has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London and Munich.

Can you connect me with your partners or Telefonica?

We are only able to facilitate communication with our partners directly through the application and participation in our program. We do not act as a liaison to connect our partners to opportunities outside of the scope of the program.

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